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Information Regarding the Click Your Mouse Sell Your House Texas Real Estate Agent and Broker Partnership

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Texas for sale by owner sellers can reach as many buyers as a home seller using a traditional real estate agent. Discount real estate with a flat fee MLS listing is all about selling your home on the Multiple Listing Service without paying a commission to a listing agent, saving the seller thousands of dollars. ClickYourMouseSellYourHouse.com lists a home on REALTOR.com and the local MLS without the seller having to pay the traditional 6% commission.
According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the MLS is responsible for 90% of all home sales in the United States.  Access to the MLS is no longer restricted to ‘full service’ real estate agents. ClickYourMouseSellYourHouse.com gives the seller all the cost saving benefits of selling as a “For Sale By Owner” for a flat fee.  We level the playing field for our customers to list their homes without paying a listing agent commission saving them thousands of dollars.
Traditionally, a seller will hire a listing agent to sell a home and agree to pay the agent a percentage of the sales price, for example 6%. The listing agent offers half of this commission to any agent that brings a buyer. Then after the sale is complete, the listing agent receives 3% and the buyer’s agent receives 3%.
With ClickYourMouseSellYourHouse.com’s flat fee MLS listing service there is no listing agent commission. The company only receives a small flat fee up front. If the home is sold without a buyer’s agent, the seller pays no commission at all.
ClickYourMouseSellYourHouse.com’s services are ideal for someone who is looking for discount real estate solutions but wants to use the power of the MLS and REALTOR.com as a for sale by owner seller.
The listing service provided by ClickYourMouseSellYourHouse.com includes exposure via hundreds of real estate related sites, including REALTOR.com which receives over 3 million users each month. Over 87% of home buyers begin their home search on the Internet.
For more information about flat fee MLS, discount real estate or for sale by owner options:
Phone: 254-722-4400
Toll Free: 877-2 GET MLS
Fax: 254-296-0440


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